Wrencher's Membership

Is your garage full of kid's bikes, that treadmill you thought you wanted, and the yard tools? Yeah, our home garage was too. That's why we have dedicated spaces for you to wrench on your classics! We have two bays with lifts and several work areas with locking bench-top boxes, basic tools, buffers, and vacuums available for your use! 

Need help?  Our mechanics are nearby for questions or a little assistance.  Need more help? We can jump into your project to help you get it done.

Wrenching membership is $500 per year.  The initial membership fee includes 4 days of work space use, 4 hours of lift time, and 1 hour of dedicated mechanic time to use as you need.  Thereafter, bay/lift time is $25 per hour and work area time is $25 per day.

These spots are limited!  We can only accommodate a few projects at a time (and still get our projects done!).  Please note, we reserve the right to accept membership based on project and its intended duration.

Yes!  That is a 1954 Corvette.