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We help you find your classic or motorcycle

We find classic cars and motorcycles that fit your request. We charge $200 a month of regular searching. If we don't find you at least 2 cars or bikes meeting your request - you get your money back. 

We call the seller. Our Service Manager gathers all the info he can from the seller and shares it with you. This is free with the hunting fee. 

-Option 1: We can send a mechanic to inspect it. We provide an estimate in advance. 

Option 2: We can engage a mechanic on your behalf at the seller's location to perform the inspection and discuss with our mechanic. We charge $50 plus the cost of the seller-side mechanic. 

We Assist with shipping 

- If within our range, we can fetch your find and bring it home.

- If outside our range, we can help arrange a shipping service. 

We help make a plan to keep your classic or bike on the road! 

Set up an appointment

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